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Emotiva UMC-1 preamp processor gets an estimated delivery date

Steven Kim

Emotiva fans who have been wringing their hands over the debut of the company's UMC-1 audio-video preamp-processor were recently treated to some timeline info when the product page was updated with an "estimated June 2009 delivery date." Having a solid date to shoot for is definitely nice, but some of the folks who have been on the preorder list for a long time -- some over a year -- are getting antsy. Seriously, though, with all the functionality rolled into this pre/pro, we think getting a thoroughly tested UMC-1 on "day one" is well worth the wait. If some new photos of the unit that certainly look like it's hardware-ready aren't enough to tide you over, might we suggest enjoying some of the warmer weather? If that's not doing it for you, either, remind yourself that good things come to those who wait (or so we hope, in the UMC-1's case). Some of those nice photos after the break.

[Thanks, Raul!]