Cutest thing you'll see today: Street Fighter kids

The rough-and-tumble Street Fighters enjoying their youth is likely the most adorable thing we'll see all week. Kei Acedera, an illustrator and art director at Imaginism, has just such a drawing in her portfolio on the company's website. If you click the image above, you'll be treated to the full work, which also includes the rest of the Super Street Fighter II Turbo cast cheering in the background (Dhalsim's long arms were a nice touch).

Acedera's work includes illustrating books for Harper Collins and design work for Disney and Sony. Her bio also states she makes t-shirts for her guinea pig, Tobi. We wonder if she puts little pants on Tobi and dyes him so he looks like the little Blanka in the picture ...

[Via ThreeSpeech]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.