Moxi HD DVR guide
Reviewing a DVR isn't like reviewing a Blu-ray player or the latest HDTV -- at least not when it is something with a totally different user experience like the new Moxi DVR -- to do it right, it takes time, you have to spend some your days and nights with it watching all your favorite shows. But rather than keep our initial impressions of the new Moxi HD DVR all boxed up while we run it through the paces, we figured we'd share 'em with you to hold you over while you wait for the full details. First off we'd like to set some expectations though. If you are even thinking your provider's DVR compares to this, then think again, it just doesn't. The fact is that none of the providers care about your DVR experience and all do as little as possible -- what do you expect for basically free? The real context to read these impressions with is "how does it compare to TiVo or Windows Media Center?"
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Unboxing the Moxi HD DVR



Obviously out of the gate there are more bad than good, but that doesn't mean that in the end the good can't out weigh the bad. At this point though, it's hard to say how much of these are initial setup annoyances that won't be a big deal once we get accustomed to how the box works. But right now it's really hard to say if the really good looking interface will be enough to overcome the seemingly annoying usability issues. The other thing we'd really like to point out is that this device has only been on the market for a few months and that there has already been one pretty big software update, so it wouldn't surprise us if many of these complaints weren't addressed in short order. Who knows they might even be resolved before our full review is published.