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    UMID's M1 gets reviewed: tiny and functional, but far from perfect

    Tim Stevens

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    Things weren't looking good a few months back for UMID's M1, pictures showing build quality of the sort you'd expect from toys dug out of cereal boxes. The company since issued a recall and, with the device now appearing for purchase, UMPC Portal has given one the full once-over -- with some decidedly uneven results. The 1024 x 600 touchscreen is said to be great, but the hinge won't let it open far enough or even keep it in place. Battery life is good (4 - 6 hours on average) and the keyboard quite thumb-able, but was deforming after a few days use the case is still apparently rather flimsy (the review suggests you just break the microSD cover off to avoid the inevitable). The final annoyance? No integrated 3.5mm headphone jack, meaning you'll need the included HTC-style adapter or a Bluetooth A2DP headset to listen to tunes. It's a definite mixed bag here, and with the Viliv S5 already scoring good reviews, it seems like that's the MID of the moment.

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