Now that the dust is beginning to settle, we here at Engadget are wondering how all of you are feeling about your new Kindle options. With the Kindle 2 still in its infancy, and the newborn Kindle DX ready to hit the scene (not to mention the host of other e-reader options), how are you likely to spend all that cash you normally shell out on paper and ink Neal Stephenson novels? Will you make the leap to e-ink, or are you still bound and determined to cart The Baroque Cycle around in a Radio Flyer? We've already shared some of our thoughts -- tell us how you feel in the poll below -- and feel free to quote The Diamond Age in the comments.
Will you buy a Kindle DX?
Yes, methinks the newest, largest Kindle is the best one yet.3304 (11.9%)
I can't decide -- Kindle 2 or DX?!1503 (5.4%)
Are you kidding me? I just bought a Kindle 2.2084 (7.5%)
I use a different, less Bezos-y e-reader.1710 (6.1%)
I read real books by candlelight, wearing a monocle.9092 (32.7%)
I don't read. I'm not even reading this.8118 (29.2%)
Come on, the big news today was obviously the Sony Reader: Danielle Steele edition.2013 (7.2%)