I hit level 80 after only finishing a handful of quest zones in Northrend. Since then I've been running Heroics and dabbling in Naxx raiding. But this week I decided to go back to solo questing for a bit and started the much-loved Sons of Hodir introductory quest line. Now, I see what everyone is talking about. It's a quest chain not to be missed.

While I was questing away in Icecrown, I had some guildies running Ulduar 25, others running Outland 5-mans, a few in Battlegrounds and a low level alt or two stuck in the old world. And this got me thinking, just how far are you, gentle readers, into WoW? Are you slow and steady, experiencing all it has to offer? Or are you downing Freya on your 6th level 80? Cast your vote below.
How far into WoW are you?
On my first character leveling in the old world.496 (2.3%)
Leveling through Outland.414 (1.9%)
Leveling through Northrend.1203 (5.5%)
Running Heroics in Northrend.1871 (8.5%)
Running in 10-man raids in Northrend.3886 (17.7%)
Running in 25-man raids in Northrend.9693 (44.2%)
Working on an alt.2604 (11.9%)
Left the game, but still read the site!1760 (8.0%)

Clearly I can't cover every option in this simple poll, so if one of these choices doesn't explain your situation adequately, cast your vote by leaving a comment below.

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.