If you're leveling up an alt in EverQuest II, this weekend will provide an excellent opportunity to put a bunch of levels behind you, as certain zones will be positively burning with the tremendous heat that extra experience points generate. That's right -- some regular zones have become "Hot Zones" and players can enjoy a boosted XP rate whilst hunting in them over the weekend.

There's a theme to the Hot Zones, and it's decidedly old-school. All of the affected zones are from the original game's release, with none o' them newfangled expansion areas included. The bonus zones are The Caves, Antonica, Sunken City, The Commonlands, Nektulos Forest, Enchanted Lands and Everfrost. EQII. The announcement on the community site also features quite a staggering number of screenshots of the aforementioned zones that are sure to poke at your nostalgia glands, and perhaps inspire you to get out there and make use of the XP bonuses on offer.

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