Well folks, it took approximately 12 hours to squash the rampant rumors and speculation surrounding Greg Canessa. Bob Colayco of Blizzard Entertainment, Canessa's new employer, informed us today that the man will be taking the reins of Battle.net as project director.

The former VP of game development at PopCap jumped ship recently to work on an "unannounced project in the online space." Apparently that "unannounced project" is a revamping of the Battle.net structure, totally announced last February by Blizzard's own Paul Sams. Colayco clarified Mr. Canessa's role in the project, saying, "He will report to our vice president of online technologies and work closely with the executive team to help fine-tune the next version of Battle.net, currently in development." Speculation officially squashed.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.