We won't deny it -- a stroke of envy took us by storm when Dell introduced its durable, colorful new line of Latitude netbooks for the education market. Not only were we stuck with aged textbooks and school machines that were chained to a desk, but we never even had the chance to read up on the latest tech news while glossing over a summary of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Reminiscing aside, Laptop Mag has evidently found the 2100 to be a solid rig for the segment for which it is intended, though its bulk may turn some GED-toting consumers off. 'Course, the thin layer of armor is perfect for those who tend to bump and bang their machines around, and with internals much the same as in the Inspiron Mini, well -- you can pretty much imagine the performance. Hit up the read link for the full writeup and a bevy of hands-on shots; just keep Junior far, far away unless you're fine with nagging and pleading.

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