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NAD jumps into Class D with its new M2 Direct Digital Amp

Steven Kim

Even though Class D switching amplifiers are relatively new to consumer electronics, they are receiving attention; thankfully at least some of it from the engineering (as opposed to marketing) departments. NAD has decided to enter into the fray with its Masters Series M2 Direct Digital Amplifier, a 200 250-Watt stereo offering that can accept a PCM signal directly and run it through a digital volume control before making the transition to analog current to drive your speakers. Don't worry -- it plays nicely with your other components -- there's also an ADC stage so that the unit can accept analog inputs from traditional preamplifiers. The press release touts NAD's work on the feedback stage, and there's nary a mention of ICEpower modules, so it's a good bet that the M2 is NAD's own design and not a repackaged reference kit. Sounds great, but the $6,000 price leaves us sobbing -- thankfully, this is NAD, so you can expect the tech to move down the line in the future. Hit the link for the full details.

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