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Smart Q7 reviewed, deemed fairly useful for fairly basic tasks

Laura June

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The folks over at UMPC Portal have gotten a hold of the SmartQ 7 internet tablet for a nice, long review. The MID, which has a 667MHz Samsung ARM S3C6410 CPU, 128MB of RAM, and 1GB of flash memory, seems to handle its basic tasks -- MP3 playback, light browsing, PDF viewing, and viewing / editing documents fairly well. It also apparently has a pretty great battery life, and can stay juiced in standby mode for over three days. The tablet (which is somewhat reminiscent of the yet to appear in the wild CrunchPad) does, however, have plenty of drawbacks -- a touchscreen that often responds incorrectly, limited RAM and storage, and a bunch of other limitations we're used to associating with MIDs in general. There's a video highlighting some of the SmartQ 7's apps after the break; hit the read link for the full review.

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