Alright folks, we know you were all waiting to see Apple's hand before you made the big Pre / iPhone decision, and now you know -- so what's it going to be? Hardware keyboard and true multitasking or video recording and voice control? Sprint or AT&T? The Clash or The Sex Pistols? Let us know!
iPhone 3G S or the Pre?
It's not even a contest -- 3G S, baby!58431 (48.0%)
Are you kidding? It's gotta be the Pre.30750 (25.3%)
The $99 iPhone 3G is just way too hard to pass up.9309 (7.6%)
Come on! WinMo, Symbian, Android -- all better options.12674 (10.4%)
Bah, I can do everything I need on this first-gen RAZR.10576 (8.7%)

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