In an interview with French site Mobinaute, HTC's chief exec for France and Benelux Frédéric Tassy opened up about his company's strategies for its two platforms -- Windows Mobile and Android -- and the takeaway is that WinMo fans have nothing to worry about in the short term. Citing the Touch HD as a prime example, Tassy says that HTC will "always [have] more flagship products on Windows Mobile," which doesn't really bode well for huge, Snapdragon-powered WVGA sets with Rosie installed -- unless they're eclipsed by WinMo 7 phones in the lineup with even better specs, we suppose. Other notable tidbits include a claim that HTC isn't working on any Android netbooks at the moment, and -- cover your ears, portrait QWERTY folks -- a mention that the company isn't sure there's a market for non-touch Android phones right now, despite the fact that a non-touch prototype was front and center during Android's PR tour early last year. We'll have to keep an eye on that one, because we're not convinced.