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Boxee updates: Windows alpha gone public, HD streams and more


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Just as promised, the Windows alpha of Boxee media center software is now open to all, but that's far from the only big announcement made, so hang tight for a second. has been added as a partner, allowing subscribers to catch games live and even in HD within the Boxee interface, as well as other new and upcoming integration with Digg, Tumblr and Current. Speaking of the interface, there's a new look (pictured above) to separate internet and locally-hosted content more clearly, and among the more granular tweaks Jaunty Jackalope support is official and Ubuntu users can enjoy 1080p playback via NVIDIA hardware acceleration. Check the blog for all the details including one more that probably only we can appreciate, it's now officially "Boxee" with a capital B, so the grammar police can set their weapons back to stun.

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