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Engadget podcast logoSummer's here, but haven't you heard that the sun is really, really bad for you? Make like a Morlock and stay inside with sweet HD technology to keep you company. And just to make sure you're up to date with said tech, join us for the live Ustream transmission of the Engadget HD podcast. We didn't give you much heads up last week, but now you've got a few good hours to plan your cubicle disappearance for Tuesday, June 30 at 5:30PM EDT. Embedded Ustream audio/chat after the break, to be followed with a list of topics as soon as we cull the herd.
Pirate Bay acquired by Global Gaming Factory, going legit like Napster
Top ten rationales for illegally downloading HDTV shows
Harris Poll concerning Blu-ray and HD DVD penetration is way off
Futuresource still predicting big things for Blu-ray
Poll: So how do YOU think Blu-ray is doing?
Oppo BDP-83 pre-orders now open for all (in North America)
Supreme Court declines to hear remote storage DVR appeal, cloud recording is on the way
Why aren't MTV HD's music videos in high definition?
Hulu to PlayStation 3 browsers: "This video is not available on your platform"
Hands-on with the Apple TV iPhone remote
Netgear MoCA Coax-Ethernet adapter review
Curb Your Enthusiasm going HD this season, if you really want to see Larry David in HD
2.1 million households let the DTV transition pass them by

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