It's been nearly a month since the launch of Palm's newest handset, the Pre. Since then, we here at Engadget have heard some vague and hard to substantiate claims of hardware failures -- cracked screens, a little broken plastic here and there -- but nothing on a large scale, so far as we can tell. We thought it was about time to turn it over to you the readers (the ones lucky enough to have a Pre, anyway), to tell us how the phone is holding up physically. Is it tough as nails or is it falling apart? Poll is after the break.
How's your Palm Pre holding up?
Mine's looking good, no problems!8077 (12.6%)
I've had one minor issue...1735 (2.7%)
I've had more than one minor issue, but I'm keeping it.1211 (1.9%)
Major problems! I'm taking it back (or already have).3759 (5.9%)
Pre? I don't have one of those.49124 (76.9%)