We've told you all about the next patch -- entitled The Elven Prophecy -- for Runes of Magic and, in advance of the launch in September, Frogster have introduced two new Elven classes: the Druid and the Warden. Both classes are rooted deeply in nature, with their abilities tied to the world itself and each have their place within the world and lore of Runes of Magic.

Essentially Elven priests, Druids have similar abilities to a mage and are able to channel the gifts of nature in battle or to heal their allies. Wardens meanwhile, are the peacekeepers of Elven society and the land who exist in an almost symbiotic state with the flora of the Elves' homeland. In times of war, they are skilled at close combat. Frogster have updated The Elven Prophecy site with some suitably Elven artwork and information on both classes. You can also take a peek at our gallery to see what the new patch is going to look like.

This article was originally published on Massively.