'Only' 80 percent of Home users are males aged 18-35

So you're a fledgling social networking gaming service on one of the world's top three home gaming platforms and your parents -- the people who created you -- stand up and read out your "First Term Report." In public! How embarrassing. Luckily, you're getting the grades -- that is, people are spending ridiculous amounts of money in microtransactions, with $1 million made in the first month -- but it seems you're not mixing with the right social circles.

Home director Peter Edwards stated that "only 80 percent of users fall into the 18-35-year-old male demographic." A 10% drop on traditional console audiences, apparently, but still pretty high. Apparently this results in a "significantly broader spectrum of users than your typical console audience." Though, having said that, "between 25 and 35 percent of the connected online PlayStation audience have visited Home at least once." We're intrigued to know what percentage of users have connected at least twice ... or maybe even thrice.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.