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McDonalds offering exclusive Dragon Quest IX minigame

Following the conclusion of the Pokemon Stamp Rally, the "Mac de DS" program at McDonalds will feature a promotion that ties into the biggest DS game of the year, Dragon Quest IX.

Dragon Quest: McDonalds no Tabibito-tachi (McDonalds' Travelers) is a downloadable, battle-only Dragon Quest IX minigame in which players battle monsters in order to level up to level 10. It can only be played once per day -- if you want to continue leveling your character, you have to return to Mickey D's and grab the file again. Visit five times -- whether you complete the game or not -- and you get a free burger. It's a way for DQ fans to get a little extra content, and for that one guy who didn't buy DQIX to try out the game.

The DQIX promotion runs from July 31 through September 1.