Joystiq Podcast 101 - Time Gentlemen, Please! edition

We're doing it live again with more Stump JC, Brushes With Fame, NPD talk and, now, your voicemails to The Do It Line! (1-877-JOYSTIQ). But even if you're not listening live, you're going to enjoy yourself, perhaps even more so without distraction from that grim mass of humanity.

Also, adventure game chat!

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Hosts: Christopher Grant, Justin McElroy and Ludwig Kietzmann

Music: "Gravity (Don't Let Me Go)" by Jon Black, "Red Eye" by Ben Kweller

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June NPD: Prototype rips apart the sales charts
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 prestige edition
Valkyria Chronicles 2 in development for PSP
Duke Begins developer revealed to be Gearbox Software
Midway Newcastle drains the moat, shuts down
BioShock 2 delayed to 'first half' of 2010

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