Krell KAV-250 amplifier
Deep-pocketed audiophiles sporting Krell gear in their equipment racks love to gloat about the sound pouring from their amplifiers biased towards Class A, but that sonic bliss comes with a huge thermal pricetag. So much so, that Krell has issued a recall for its KAV-250a, KAV-250a/3, KAV-500i and KAV-1500 amps due to overheating concerns. For their trouble, affected owners will get certification of a fuse replacement and a $100 check. Mere mortals like us who aren't in the Krell club might chortle about money and sense, but on the other hand, we can't remember the last time our more mass-market receivers were ever offered this kind of service -- and some of them have run awfully hot; we're looking at you, Onkyo.