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Engadget podcast logoLooks like we'll be getting back to the usual suspects this week, as Ben, Richard and Steve wind their way through the HD news. As much as we (and you) might miss the excitement of special guests, slipping back into a familiar set of jeans (or Dockers for Ben) is pretty rewarding as well. No matter what we're wearing, you're welcome to come as you are when the Engadget HD podcast starts live on Ustream Tuesday, July 28 at 5:30 PM ET; we'll even waive the cover charge for anyone dressed up as a Toshiba HD-DVD deck. A list of topics and the live Ustream player after the break.

Windows 7 Media Center review
How-to: Build an HD Media Center for under $1000
Xbox 360's new Netflix Movie Parties disabled for Starz Play titles?
Samsung UN46B7000 LED backlit LCD review
Panasonic's TC-P54V10 plasma crowned king, so sayeth the HD Guru
Blu-ray reportedly trailing CBHD in China, the second theater of the format war begins
Poll: Is Final Cut Pro an indication of more Blu-ray support coming from Apple?
Sony's Blu-ray MegaChanger hits the streets next month with new ES standalone
Michael Bay plans The Dark Knight-style IMAX sequences for Transformers 2 Blu-ray
Audioholics overviews entry level receiver choices

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