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ChefStack automatic pancake machine -- for all your pancake party needs

Laura June

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Remember the last time you made pancakes? No? Well, let us remind you: it ended in sadness and confusion because you simply couldn't crank out the insane volume of pancakes you wanted / needed. Well, the ChefStack is here to help. It's a giant, automated machine with internal rollers, and its entire purpose is to do nothing but make pancakes (roughly 200 per hour). Using pre-filled bags of batter, this dude does all the work while you site by, and apparently it's also a breeze to clean too, though we find that a bit hard to believe. Now -- do you need a machine that makes nothing but pancakes? Are the pancakes any good? Hard to say -- but this device, which seems to be targeted at restaurants, will run you about $3,500 if you really want to get your hands on one.

[Via SlashGear]

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