Yes, even the best cameraphones take crappy pictures by camera standards, but there's one thing phones will always have over their more optically-adept cousins: convenience. The fact that you always have your phone with you, it can often geotag, and it's got an always-on, always-available data connection for uploads to photo sharing sites are all factors giving handsets an edge in the fight to dominate Flickr. Add in the fact that we're approaching just-good-enough picture quality for everyday use on the upper end of the phone spectrum with the latest 5, 8, and 12 megapixel models, and, well... you've got a recipe for an upset. After briefly showing it having pulled ahead yesterday, Flickr's stats currently have the iPhone in all its flavors neck-and-neck with Canon's Digital Rebel XTi for upload popularity after a stark, sudden jump presumably spearheaded by the launch of the 3GS -- and given the trending we're seeing, it seems like it's just a matter of time before the iPhone pulls ahead for good. Granted, Flickr's pooling all iPhone models into a single stat, which isn't really fair -- philosophically, that's not much different from grouping every Digital Rebel together -- but the fact remains that this speaks volumes about the modern cameraphone's value as a serious photographic tool.

[Via pocket-lint and Los Angeles Times]

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