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PlayStation Home 1.3 will let you launch any game from inside the metaverse

Ross Miller

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Frankly, you've probably had enough PlayStation news to last you a bit, but just in case the PS3 Slim, firmware 3.0, and PSP Minis weren't enough, the company revealed today an update to Home. Like everything else it seems, version 1.3 is also due out in September, and in addition to things like in-store item previews, cameras, and other new objects, you'll now have the option to launch any game from inside Home itself. Some titles like MotorStorm and Far Cry 2 that fully support the universal game launching have their own special icons and multiplayer functionality, while others will simply open up to the main menu. We're interested in what integration those fully supported games might enable, but either way, that's still one less excuse for avoiding Home. Now if they could only do something about all those annoying avatars...

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