Hmmmm. Seems that FCC pressure might be doing wonders for those App Store approvals. Qik, which we reviewed earlier this month, had been pretty well kneecapped by either AT&T or Apple; choose your villain.

But lo and behold, today Qik [iTunes link] was updated so now it can upload video over the 3G network, not just WiFi as was the case in the first release of the app. I just tried it and it worked fine, happily uploading a video with no WiFi in sight. That realy improves Qik, but on every other smartphone Qik allows live streaming. Only the best and most powerful smartphone in the world has the no live restriction.

Coincidence or conspiracy? I downloaded the update, and yes, it works over 3G now. It's clear that something is causing Apple/AT&T to loosen up a bit. May that continue. Kinda hard to argue that Sling Mobile can't work over 3G now, isn't it? As most know, Sling Mobile was crippled for the iPhone even though it is allowed on every other capable phone on AT&T.

Let us know your results with Qik, and if you get a moment, send the FCC some flowers.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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