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Oh, by the way: August 24, 2009

Chris Ziegler

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Here's some of the other stuff that happened in the wide world of mobile for Monday, August 24th, 2009:

  • Sony Ericsson is taking its Java runtime downmarket, committing to roll it out to what it's billing the "entry 3G segment." On a completely unrelated note, is it just us, or was the mini-golf game that came on the T610 one of mankind's greatest entertainment achievements of all time?
  • It appears that parts of Europe will be receiving a tweaked version of the Samsung B7320, creatively rechristened the B7330. Differences are mainly cosmetic with one critically important material change: the screen's now up to 320 x 320 resolution from the original model's QVGA. German site AreaMobile is quoting a local release in October, but other than that, it's anyone's guess. [Via the::unwired]
  • A whole bunch of new 850MHz 3G spectrum is now online in AT&T's San Francisco and New York City networks. 850 does a better job of penetrating buildings than 1900, and if there's one thing the Big Apple has plenty of, it's buildings -- so we'll see if this improves the dropped call situation at all.
  • If you have a curious tendency to drop your phone into kiddie pools, throw it at brick walls, and engage in lengthy heart-to-hearts from Antarctica's Base Esperanza, you'll be delighted to know that Sonim's ultra-rugged XP3.20 is now shipping in the US unlocked for $399. [Via Gearlog]

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