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Seemingly solid PSP-4000 rumors give new hope for UMD fans

Tim Stevens

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Put away black mourning clothes, PSP owners, there's life yet in them thar UMDs. When the PSP Go was announced it seemed like there was little time left for the plucky (and generally disliked) format, and indications that Sony had planned to ditch it "since the very beginning" were further nails in its apparent coffin. But now, according to a particularly reliable tipster (who accurately predicted the PS3 Slim in June, right down to the inclusion of proper buttons), there's a PSP-4000 inbound that will still sport a UMD drive. According to the tip this new machine will live along-side the Go, but little is known beyond that... other than it's apparently "nothing to actually get excited about." Tell that to the kids with the Lumines discs rattling away in the spokes of their bicycles.

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