Masaya Matsuura marches to GameCity Squared

Parappa the Rapper, Vib-Ribbon, and Major Minor's Majestic March creator Masaya Matsuura will deliver the "BAFTA Vision Statement" at GameCity Squared, the fourth annual "videogame culture festival" held in Nottingham. The Vision Statement, presented last year by Media Molecule, is "a unique platform for the most interesting, provocative developers in the World to deliver their thoughts and manifestos independent of any PR constraint," according to GameCity director Iain Simons.

We look forward to hearing about the unique, anthropomorphic animal mentors against whom Matsuura faced off in rap battles during his journey to Nottingham -- said rap battles also instilling Matsuura with the confidence to write and deliver his keynote on October 31.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.