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Sony and Nintendo increasing effort in fight against piracy

Though Nintendo already has a pretty solid system in place for combating piracy -- the persistent threat that Reggie Fils-Aime will crush any software buccaneers between his mighty jaws -- the company recently increased its piracy-preventing ranks. Neil Boyd was recently appointed European anti-piracy counsel for the company. Boyd, along with a pair of Nintendo's legal advisors, will "take action against criminals who are making money out of the infringement of games developers' copyright," according to Nintendo anti-piracy director Jodi Daugherty.

Sony's also increasing its piracy prevention efforts, albeit through more technological means. The PSP Go will contain a non-removable internal battery, which keeps would-be hackers from implementing the popular, homebrew-enabled Pandora battery. Also, we hear the PSP Go's boot-up screen displays a pouty, doe-eyed Jack Tretton that's said to strike crippling pangs of guilt into anyone who tries to conduct dubious dealings on the handheld. Consider PSPiracy beaten, friends.

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