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PSA: PS3 Firmware 3.00 is alive and kicking


Is your clicky, drab Cross Media Bar in dire need of a facelift? Is it sagging around the Video tab? Got some unsightly varicose veins in its Network section? You can give your XMB the overhaul it so richly deserves with the recently released Firmware 3.00 System Update, which adds the "What's New" section, a status indicator, a renovated friends list, PlayStation Store shortcuts, and animated backgrounds to your PS3's main menu screen. Check out these features in action in the video posted after the jump.

To install Firmware 3.00, just hit the "System Update" icon under the settings menu. To update to Firmware 4.00, you'll either need to acquire some sort of time-traveling apparatus or become the president of Sony R&D. Good luck with that!

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