HTC Hero heading to Sprint October 11th for $179.99, no chin in sight (update: exclusive to Sprint)

Semi-official no longer, Sprint has now officially announced the HTC Hero for its network. Here's the skinny: it's coming October 11th and will be $179.99 after assorted rebates. Also noteworthy? It's the chinless model we just spied just days ago, but otherwise it looks like the same internals, Exchange Active Sync, and Sense UI we've been toying with for months now, plus Sprint TV. Pre-registration (note: not pre-order) is now available for those eager to already claim stake. We can't help but notice there's no mention of exclusivity here, but regardless, well played, Sprint, between this and the Pre, you're amassing quite a nice collection, there.

Update: We spoke to Sprint, and the Hero is in fact an exclusive for the company.
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