You've got to hand it to 'em, SteelSeries knows its market. Following up on its array of WoW-themed gear, the company has just issued a new limited edition Zboard aimed at to-be Aion gamers, which just might be "the most anticipated MMO of 2009." As with most of the outfit's MMORPG-centric keyboards, this one also packs a colorful motif, a swath of dedicated action keys, menus and chat commands, full customization of each key and quick-access "emote keys for greeting, intimidating, or taunting your opponent." In related news, the firm is also dishing out an Aion Asmodian mousepad, which may or may not be superior to the stained napkin you're currently using to raid on. Both units are available for pre-order right now at $19.99 and $14.99, respectively, and we hear that UPS totally delivers to dingy basements for a nominal fee.

[Via Coolest-Gadgets]

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