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LG LH-series wireless HDTVs now available Stateside

Nilay Patel

Seems like slim wireless HDTVs are the CEDIA special, and LG's joining in the fun by announcing official US availability of the wireless LH-series, first launched at CES. No surprises here apart from price, they're exactly as they were when they popped into the FCC: the high-end $4,799 55-inch 55LHX has a local-dimming LED backlight, an 80,000:1 contrast ratio with 240Hz motion ruining enhancement and is less than an inch thick, while the LH85 line offers both $2,399 47-inch and $3,199 55-inch models. Check out our demo from CES for some hands-on with the ASW1000 Media Box, which is where the wireless HD action goes down.

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