Are older Zune models going the way of the brick? We've received a handful of tips pointing us to the official Zune forums, where reports are coming in that apparently a number of the non-Zune HD units haven't been able to sync with Zune 4.0 software. Although a few people have elaborated on some steps to take (hint: it involves a lot of downgrading and reinstallation of both firmware and Zune software), there doesn't seem to be a clear consensus on its effectiveness. Honestly, it's hard to tell from our end if this is really a widespread issue and we haven't seen it ourselves, so we're putting it to you, deer reader: has your Zune device forgotten how to sync with the mothership?
Is your Zune device out of sync with Zune software?
Yes, my older Zune is experiencing a failure to communicate1786 (9.8%)
No, but now that you mention it, my Zune HD doesn't seem to sync340 (1.9%)
Everything's fine here, captain5801 (31.9%)
I don't have a Zune, but I do have a predilection for pushing buttons10240 (56.4%)

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