The CEOs of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile -- Lowell McAdam, Ralph de la Vega, Dan Hesse, and Robert Dotson -- came together on stage for a fleeting moment at CTIA today to present a $1 million donation to nonprofit organization One Economy. It was a PR opportunity, yes, but what was really going on in their minds?

Chris: "Dan, seriously, will you come off the stilts for 20 seconds?"
Nilay: "One Economy will of course have to pay a $40,000 activation fee."
Joe: "Not to be outdone, Boost Mobile extends One Economy a gift certificate for one free Kid Cudi ringtone."
Josh T.: "Here, enjoy 0.1 percent of our collective salary."
Richard: "Do you think they're standing in order of who has the most bars?"

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