With fingers crossed, we turned to the latest Kojima Productions podcast, hoping beyond hope that the studio had taken our recommendation to refresh the voice of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's bearded protagonist. Our nominee for Solid Snake's new pipes? Bobcat Goldthwait. Sure, Mr. Goldthwait would likely take the series in an unexpected direction -- but what unsuspecting player wouldn't be swept up in an exploration of Snake's rarely discussed history as a rabid, nigh-incomprehensible stand-up comic? Now there's a 90-minute cutscene we can get behind.

Alas, Konami's recently announced voice cast for Peace Walker is actually (gasp!) sans-Goldthwait. Of course David Hayter will reprise the role for, like, the hundredth time. The rest of the totally unsurprising list can be found after the jump -- but why not watch this beautiful excerpt of the Peace Walker that could have been instead?

[Via Kotaku]
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker English voice cast:
  • Naked Snake; Big Boss - David Hayter
  • Master Miller - Robin Atkin Downes
  • Paz - Tara Strong
  • Amanda - Grey DeLisle
  • Strangelove - Vanessa Marshall
  • Coldman - H. Richard Green
  • Huey - Christopher Randolph
  • Galvez - Steve Blum
  • Chico - Anthony Del Rio
  • Cecile - Catherine Taber

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