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Insignia's Little Buddy Child Tracker encourages kids to run away, disown parents

Darren Murph

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With a name like "Little Buddy Child Tracker," you know this thing has to be awful, right? Insignia, Best Buy's house brand, has just listed an incredibly invasive and humiliating new GPS tracker on its site, and rather than promoting it as just that, the marketing brains have decided it best to aim this at paranoid mums and dads who've done such a poor job raising their offspring that they can't even trust 'em to trek out on their own. All sensationalism aside, there's little Insignia can say or do to remedy the product labeling job, but if you're okay with shoving this extra-small stick into your youngster's lunch box, you can keep tabs on his / her exact location and have alerts sent to you via SMS if they leave a designated area. Just make sure they don't ever know that you were responsible for planting this thing on their person, else you can forget about junior footing those nursing home bills when the time comes.

[Via Navigadget]

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