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Beastly HDX 18 no longer available from HP, dv8 to blame?

Darren Murph

We fully understand that the market for 18.4-inch gaming laptops is a niche one, so we suppose this all makes sense from a business perspective, but still -- we can't help but shed a tear. HP's beastly, benchmark-smashing HDX 18 (and HDX 18t) has been forcibly removed from the outfit's website, with even cached links leading to a customization page turning up "Sorry!" portals. The marginally smaller HDX 16 remains alive and well, but it seems as if the 18-inch dv8 is your only option now when selecting a larger-than-life lappie from the folks at HP. Gotta keep keepin' on, we guess.

[Thanks, pyro92005]

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