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Creative working on Zii-based MediaBook with color touchscreen, e-book slant


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What's an e-book without the e-ink? So very much, according to Creative, who just dropped word of an upcoming "MediaBook" device (which will undoubtedly look nothing like this mockup above). It sounds a bit more like a PMP to us, with "video, pictures, text and services," and a "media-rich experience" on the table, but Creative is also apparently working with publishers for content, with an obvious emphasis in Singapore sources, where Creative already does e-learning work. There's no word of what it'll look like, but it'll be a large touchscreen of some sort, so it sounds like we've got another slate on our hand. Any differentiation might come from having Zii under the hood and Creative's own particular approach to content for this device, but there's not really enough to get excited about at this point.

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