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Yeti USB Condenser Mic gets certified by THX, fellow Yetis

Darren Murph

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Blue Microphones, the same company responsible for the heralded Snowball, is today introducing the planet's first THX certified microphone... or so it says. The hilariously named Yeti USB Condenser Mic ($149.99) touts condenser capsules in a triple array, four total patterns (omni, cardoid, stereo, bidirectional), a zero-latency headphone output (with volume control for direct monitoring), an adjustable microphone gain control and a mute button. As expected, the USB mic will play nice with both Mac and Windows-based systems, and if you've been looking high and low for a mic that gets an oh-so-coveted stamp of approval from Sir Abominable Snowman, you can finally call off the hunt next month.

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