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Sony's 3G-enabled Reader Daily Edition up for pre-order, content deals coming next month

Darren Murph

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Amazon and Barnes & Noble may be swiping the limelight, but Sony's clearly playing for keeps with its $399 Reader Daily Edition. The 7-inch e-book reader has just been listed for pre-order over at SonyStyle, and with it will come wireless access (via AT&T) to the company's own eBookstore. We're told that the company will "announce newspaper and magazine content providers within the next month," and of course, no monthly fees will be tacked on from browsing and buying books. If plans stay on track, we should see the first shipments leave next month -- so, is Santa treating you with one, or what?

Update: Looks like not everyone will snatch one of these before that fateful day in December, so we'd suggest either settling on a Kindle / Nook or preparing your wallet to deal with 'Tickle Me Elmo' levels of eBay insanity.

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