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IBM PowerXCell-8i processor said to be last of its kind, but Cell will live on


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IBM's Cell processor may have helped break a few records and find its way into everything from video game consoles to TVs at the same time, but it looks like things could be about to change in a fairly big way for Big Blue's groundbreaking chip. According to Heise Online, IBM Vice President of Deep Computing David Turek has confirmed that the company's current PowerXCell-8i processor will be the last of its kind, and that there will not be a successor with dual PowerPC processors and 32 SPEs as originally planned. Slightly less clear, however, is the future of the Cell program in general, which will apparently live on in "another form" -- to which Turek reportedly added, somewhat vaguely, "the future is hybrid," although we're fairly certain he's not talking about cars.

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