Eager to get in all the USB 3.0 hard drives, SSD drives and... other hard drives cropping up these days? Then you're in luck, as ASUS' brand new, USB 3.0-ready P6X58D Premium motherboard is now finally available to order. Of course, being an early adopter doesn't come cheap, and this particular motherboard will run you a hefty $309.99 from Newegg. That will get you a board that runs with the best of 'em, however, including support for a Core i7 processor, room for up to 24GB of RAM, three PCI-Express 2.0 slots, a pair of 6Gb/s SATA interfaces, four plain old USB 2.0 ports and, most importantly, two for USB 3.0. Setting up a rig? Feel free to let us know how it works out in comments.

[Thanks, James]

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