Both companies were looking pretty stupid, with half-baked attack ads and claims, counter claims and lawsuits that get lawyers rich and customers wondering if the money might be better spent.

Anyway, the Wall Street Journal and others are reporting that:

AT&T Inc. (T) on Wednesday dismissed its lawsuit against Verizon Wireless and its recent "There's A Map For That" campaign.

AT&T had already suffered a legal setback when a judge rejected its request to pull the ads last month, which the Dallas carrier argued inaccurately suggested inferior network coverage. The court ruled that Verizon Wireless's ads, which showed maps comparing coverage, clearly talked about third-generation, or 3G, coverage.

Meanwhile, Digital Daily reports Verizon has dismissed a similar lawsuit against AT&T.

OK AT&T. How about using that found money to improve your network and customer service? Come on. You can do it.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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