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GM woos CFO Chris Liddell away from Microsoft


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As you may or may not have heard, Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell announced that he was leaving the company late last month, but neither he nor Microsoft was doing much talking at the time about what he would be doing next -- other than that he would be "looking at a number of opportunities that will expand his career beyond being a CFO." Well, it looks like he will still be a CFO after all -- this time at General Motors. That move was just made official today, and follows news earlier this month that GM's current CFO, Ray Young, would be transferring to China. As you might expect given the executive situation at GM, however, there's plenty of speculation that this hire might be more than what it seems, and folks already talking that Liddell may actually be being groomed to take over as CEO of the company once he gets a bit more experience in the automotive industry.

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