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Let's be honest. The holidays are fun and everything. Getting together with the extended family, having some good food, sharing in each other's joys -- good times all around. But there gets a certain point where you just want to say "Enough is enough already, let me go do something I want." Is it a bad thing if that's already happened to me?

Today's holiday listening music is from the Vince Guaraldi album A Charlie Brown Christmas. It's one of my favorites, Guaraldi is a masterful piano player and creates one of the most iconic jazz performances out there. It's one of those songs that you can hear and immediately place it as coming from Charlie Brown.

Possum asked...

"How do I cross-server ignore someone?"

You should be able to just right-click on the guy's portrait and select "Ignore." Some people have said typing /ignore username-servername works, but others have said it hasn't.

I can't 100% verify that it works, but I know that I've put a few terribads on my ignore list and haven't gotten them again. Like that rogue I grouped with twice who insisted on pulling for me, because he was in all blues and greens and I was in full tier 9, and I could "just AoE taunt" off him as a paladin... yeah, right.

Eric asked...

"Recently I've noticed a long list of words that flash in the left hand side of my WoW client window when the program initially starts. Any idea what all that stuff is or why its flashing on my screen?"

As other people have commented, the general consensus is that it's the config file loading. We don't know for sure however. WoW hung on load once for me and I noticed it there, and it was definitely config file variables, but it could be other stuff too. Either way, it's not hurting anything so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Lichborn asked...

"When is the new battle.net stuff (friends lists and all that) supposed to be released?"

No time-frame has been given yet, however I'm sure it'll come out in 2010. My guess is that it'll either come out shortly before the Cataclysm patch (patch 4.0.2), or with the actual Cataclysm launch.

Psiwave asked...

"Do you expect to see additional content released with the new wings in Icecrown? For example do you think we might see a scourge counterattack on the crusade or Dalaran, or are we now seeing Northrend as the expansion will leave it?"

Anything is possible. I don't think the opening of additional wings would trigger any world events. We know that there's going to be something as Azeroth gets torn asunder with Death Wing's revival, leading up to the release of Cataclysm. But we don't know many details yet.

Cool idea though. I just wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

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