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"Senior-Friendly" TV Ears TV turns itself off at naptime, has Jitterbug-style remote

Tim Stevens

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Sure, you may scoff at a television designed especially for seniors, but we think members of the Greatest Generation deserve a little high definition in their golden years, and thankfully so does TV Ears. The company, which produces those wireless headsets you see advertised during The Price is Right, will soon be introducing the TV Ears TV, a 32-inch LCD with an integrated transmitter, meaning fewer confusing wires, doo-dads, whatsits, and thingamabobs. The set ships with a specially designed remote control (featuring a grand total of six buttons) and will turn itself off after four hours of inactivity, saving power when the user dozes off -- or falls and can't get up. The set will be available in March for $1,199 and, before you cry foul at the 300% markup over comparable youth-friendly sets, know that the price also includes delivery, installation, and a toll-free support number. Not having to be grandma's personal television tech support? That's the greatest gift of all.

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TV Ears to unveil first "Senior-Friendly" HDTV at Consumer Electronics Show

- New 32-inch LCD TV includes built-in wireless transmitter, headset for better listening, easy-to-use remote control, automatic shut-off service -

SAN DIEGO – January 4, 2010 – TV Ears, a manufacturer of doctor recommended TV listening solutions, will unveil the first ever "Senior-Friendly" LCD high definition television at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show this week.

The 32-inch set includes a built-in wireless transmitter and headset for better listening, an easy-to-use, color-coded remote control device, and an automatic shut-off feature that engages after four hours of inactivity.

"We wanted to provide a state-of-the-art TV for seniors who had neither the experience nor desire to fumble with all the buttons and settings required to watch a mainstream high definition television," said George Dennis, Founder and CEO of TV Ears. "We also wanted the set to be trouble-free and energy efficient, so we included a feature that automatically turns the television off if the volume or channel has not been changed for four consecutive hours, figuring that the person watching has left the room or fallen asleep."

Dennis also added that "this system offers a good alternative while also helping those who have trouble hearing the dialogue on their favorite show. In doing so, we'll bring back the family TV viewing experience for everyone in the home!"

Additionally, the TV Ears TV provides extra large screen text for easier viewing, and comes with the company's "White Glove" specialty service that includes delivery with complete hook-up, programming and one-on-one instruction service of the TV and associated TV Ears Headset by a knowledgeable and friendly technician. Customers can also call a toll-free telephone number for assistance after their purchase.

TV Ears' TV will be introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 7 to 10 at the company's "Silver Summit" booth number 2911. The set will be available for purchase in March 2010 on the TV Ears Web site, through select audiology dealers and at specialty retailers. The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $1199.00. More information is available at

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