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Alienware M17x and M15x gaming laptops get revamped, OptX AW2310 LCD gets introduced

Darren Murph

Dell's spitting out all sorts of new gear today, and if the miniaturized M11x just ain't your cup of tea, maybe the beasts known as the M15x and M17x will fit the bill. Both of Alienware's flagship gaming laptops have received a well deserved refresh today, with the 17-incher (starts at $1,799) getting a Mobile Core i7 CPU and twin GPUs; the little brother has also been tweaked somewhat, and it starts at a reasonable-for-Alienware price of $1,399. In related news, the $499 23-inch OptX AW2310 LCD has been announced for the 3D gamer set, offering up a 1080p resolution and support for NVIDIA's 3D Vision Kit.

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