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LG Lotus Elite hands-on: it's red, square, and marginally attractive

We saw the LG Lotus Elite launch yesterday and today we had a chance to play with it for a few minutes. Sure, we did poke a bit of fun at its strange styling, but, once in hand we were pleasantly surprised to find it's really no better. Though, the keyboard, both displays, and the UI are actually quite nice to use, so we'd wager this will likely be a pretty successful handset at the $99 price tag it launches at. What definitely stood out, though, was the ability to get at so many features via the external display and the swiveling camera -- that actually rotates with the hinge -- is a nice touch, too. Luckily for us, Martin Valdez -- you may remember him from last year -- was on hand to give us a walkthrough, and did so in fine style. Follow on for a gallery and a video that shows off most of the standout features.